5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Food Packaging

Understanding the importance of food packaging is a sure way to keep your products on the shelves. People will move past your product to support other products with better-designed packaging, so you must consider your audience and design your food packaging to appeal to them.

No matter what kind of food you sell, it is critical that your product stands out on the shelf. There are many different strategies to do this, and the one you use will depend greatly on the type of food you are marketing and to whom you are marketing it.

food packaging
food packaging in the supermarket

Below, we’ll highlight some common strategies for designing the right packaging that catches people’s eyes.

  • Elegantly designed packaging is a good idea for foods geared toward a more upscale crowd. For example, it is recommended that premium cheeses be packaged in elegant and sophisticated packaging.
  • Colorful packaging is always a good idea, especially when it comes to marketing foods geared toward children. Kids love bright, happy colors, so it makes sense to package the food prepared for them in this way. Neon and bright primary colors are great for children, but may not work for a more mature audience.
  • Healthy images of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains are very effective when packaging healthy foods. It is also wise to include a lot of wording on such packaging to highlight the health benefits of the food you are selling. Most importantly, you want the healthy food to look nutritious and tasty so that people will actually want to buy it.
  • Chocolate bars and candies often make people feel carefree and happy, so they should be packaged in bright and fun designs. Inspiring these feelings in consumers will encourage them to buy the snack in the first place, so keep this in mind if you are looking for the right design for your candy or snacks.
  • Pet food should be packaged with the pet and its owner in mind. You almost always want to include a picture of the animal for which the food is intended; also, the packaging should reflect all the important reasons a pet owner should buy it for his or her furry friend.

Henan Top┬áPackaging believes that if your product is designed for seniors – but you’re using food packaging that appeals to a younger audience – then seniors may not buy your product. Likewise, using the wrong wording on a health food product – i.e., not emphasizing its nutritional qualities – may result in it being ignored on the shelf.

small vertical packing machine for food
small vertical packing machine for food

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