What shall we notice when using a pillow packing machine?

Pillow packaging machine is automatic continuous packaging equipment. Its characteristics are advanced design, good stability, reliable performance, convenient operation, labor-saving, and high efficiency, etc. The sealing temperature and motor transmission speed are stable and adjustable, and the adjustment range is wide. The pillow packaging machine has very strong packaging capabilities and can be suitable for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily necessities, disposable products, hardware products, plastic products, toys and stationery, industrial supplies, industrial parts, auto parts, etc.

automatic pillow packing machine
automatic pillow packing machine

Advantages of the pillow packaging machine

The pillow packing machine is controlled by dual frequency converters, which save time and film in one step. The man-machine control interface is adopted in operation, and there is also an automatic diagnosis function so that the equipment failure is clear at a glance. Because the control system of the pillow packaging machine is realized by advanced digital controllable software, it is convenient for technicians to adjust the functions of the pillow packaging machine in the future. And improving the packaging technology and methods in time so that the packaging way of the pillow packing machine is more advanced and unique, and can quickly improve the practicality and functionality.

Pillow packing machine for sale

Pillow packaging machine for sale in Top(Henan) Packing Machinery includes ordinary pillow packing equipment and reciprocating type pillow packaging machine. Their end sealing parts both adopt the heat sealing method, but the cutters are different. The former uses the spinning cutter, and a single cutter, double cutter, three cutters are optional. The latter is equipped with a long cutter that runs up and down, while the whole end sealing and cutting device is reciprocating horizontally. Both of them have a good appearance, high efficiency, wide applications, and so on. If you are looking for a pillow packing machine, why not contact us today to obtain more details and the best price?

reciprocating pillow packaging machine
reciprocating pillow packaging machine

Be sure to read the instruction before the operation

During the operation of the pillow packaging machine, do not touch the internal or electrical components of the machine before turning off the power, and do not extend your hands into the end sealing device and other running parts of the equipment. The pillow packing machine is suitable for many industries, and its performance has been greatly improved after many modifications. At present, many manufacturers produce and supply the packing machines, so it may be some differences among them. In order to use it more safely and securely, be sure to read the relevant instructions before using it.

Attentions you had better to pay

  • First of all, it’s better not to use the machine until you have a clear understanding of the correct operation method and safety rules of the equipment.
  • Second, do not deface or disassemble any safety devices, safety warnings, operating instructions, and signs on the machine.
  • Third, the place and operation method of the emergency stop button should be clarified before operation.
  • Fourth, check the screws of each part of the machine are loose or not and whether there are other objects on the table before starting the machine.
  • Fifth, after starting the packaging machine to observe the machine is operating normally or not, whether there are abnormal noises and abnormal conditions, and notify the maintenance personnel for inspection in time.

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